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State of Michigan

Spending the winter in sunny Florida? Join us for a central Florida Great Lake Winter Encampment Luncheon during December, January, February, and March. Originally started by the Great Lakes SR Societies in 2008 they were extended to all Great Lakes Lineage Society members for more camaraderie so we can all learn more of the other active lineage societies in our Great Lakes Region. Maybe you can prospect for a new member for your society. We know you will have a great time meeting new people and will be having a very nice lunch at one of the finest buffets in central Florida. You longer have to use "it's a sunny day" as a reason to go out to lunch. Educate these other society members about why they might consider your society and educate them as to what your chapter or society is doing for activities, how they recruit new members, where you are holding meeting, share some of your lineage and research tips. A good time has been had by everyone. We meet rain or shine. All lineage society members from the Great Lake States of Illinois, Indiana, Michigan & Wisconsin (friends, guests and prospective members) are invited. We gather at the Band Stand on East Main Street in downtown Avon Park by 10:30 to greet and met other lineage society members from the Great Lake States of Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Wisconsin and then at 11:00 we march (across the street) to the Hotel Jacaranda.   Some of the ladies have been known to sit in the Hotel Jacaranda's waiting room until we arrive from the band stamp. If it's cold we've been known to gather in the lobby if it cold in the band stand.   Some of our ancestors spent a winter encampment at Valley Forge so as we enjoy the freedoms they fought for to create this great country with live in with some fellowship at our winter encampments across Florida.   All lineage society members in the Great Lakes State of Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Wisconsin are invited.  Dress is always Florida Casual.  Don't belong to a lineage Society but your are into Genealogy, come and have luncheon and learn what lineage societies are all about.

Questions?   Expect me there!

SR Winter
Started by
gather before 10:30 a.m.
at the Band Stand in
Avon Park, Florida
Lunch at Hotel Jac
at 11:00 a.m.
All lineage members invited,
bring family & Friends.

Be sure to wear you Lineage Society Logo Sportswear
to the Winter Encampment Luncheons

Officers 2012-2013

Gary L. Gibson, President
E-mail to
2339 Harmon Avenue
Kalamazoo, MI 49004-1527

Michael B. Culp, Vice President
E-mail to
2315 Oakland Drive
Kalamazoo, MI 49008

Geoffrey Alan Hickok, Secretary
E-mail to:
15550 26th Street
Gobles, MI 49055

Keith G. Harrison, Treasurer
E-mail to
4209 Santa Clara Drive
Holt, MI 48842-1868

Geoffrey Alan Hickok, Registrar
E-mail to:
15550 26th Street
Gobles, MI 49055

Michael B. Culp, Historian
E-mail to
2315 Oakland Drive
Kalamazoo, MI 49008

James Willoughby

James R. Neal, Chancellor
1069 Applegate Ln.
East Lansing, MI 48823-2117

Dave E. Miller, Captain of the Color Guard
15080 Oakland Street
Spring Lake, MI 49456
AC 616 - 844-0500

Max J. Riekse
, General Society Delegate

Representative to the Children of the American Revolution

Anders S. Garner

Board of Managers

Above listed Officers and these additional members:
Lavern Aves
David H. Eddy
Donald E. Gradeless
Charles O. Harthy
Paul D. Hodges
Hon. Donald A. Johnston III
William C. Myers
John D. Parry
Ronald G. Shull
Richard Wood

SR Michigan Color Guard Fund Raiser

SR-Michigan Color Guard Resources

SR-Michigan Color Guard Photos

Membership inquiries should be directed to the Registrar.

The SR-Michigan is a member of the General Society
Sons of the Revolution founded on December 18, 1875

Please contact the SR-MI Registrar
Before Using this form.

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Please Email completed
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to the Registrar for review before submission.

You are invited to the next SR-MI meeting. Please contact an officer for details.

Please E-mail the Registrar for membership information & application forms.

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Standardized Lineage Society Application Worksheet

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