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Various Color Guard References

Color Guard Procedure   —   Manual of Arms - Sword
CAP Procedure Lesson Plans   —   UTube CG Videos
SAR Commands   —   Riverside SAR CG
United States Army   —   Field Manual FM 3-21.
USMC Drill & Ceremonies Manual   —   Intro through Part I-Chapter 6
  —   Part I - Chapter 7 through Part II-Chapter 26
  —   Appendix A
  —   Appendix B through Appendix D

Various Safety References
Basic Safety Manual   —   Manual of Safety

Color Guard SR-New York
SR-Pennsylvania - Color Guard Flags

Color Guard SR-Virginia   —   Flags

11th Pennsylvania Regiment —   11th PA Uniforms
—   Accoutrements

Military Protocol References   —   US FLAG CODE

Manual of Arms for the Espontoon   —   The Espontoon Exercise

The Brigade of the American Revolution   —   The Northwest Territory Alliance

Living History Association   —   The Continental Line
Fifers & Drummers   —   Corp Profiles

Bob's Flintlock FAQ   —   Guide to Shooting a Flintlock

Uniform References

Colonial Gentlemen's Clothing

Men's Clothing from the 1770's
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The Continental Army
in the
Revolutionary War

1774-1895 By Captain OSCAR F. LONG

3rd Continental DragoonsImpression and Equipment Guidelines

The Regiment of Louisana
and the Spanish Army
in the American Revolution

Vendor Links

Parade Store   —  Golor Guard Supplier

North American Vexillological Assoc.
  —   Commercial Flag Venders

Jas. Townsend & Sons, Inc.
Clothing, Supplies
133 North First Street
Pierceton, IN 46562

C & D Jarnagin Company
Uniforms, Clothing, Supplies
Revolutionary War Clothing
113 North Fillmore Street
Corinth, MS 38834-1860

G. Gedney Godwin The Suitor of Mount Misery
P.O. Box 100
Valley Forge, PA 19481
Muskets, Swords, Accoutrements
Geo. Franks Hatter Cocked Hats
Loyalist Arms Replica Rifles
Middlesex Village Trading Company
Flintlock Reproductions
623 Meany Road
Charlestown, NH 03603

Military Heritage Replica Rifles

Eder Flag Retail Flag Store
Cooperstown Trading Post Period Clothing
Dixie Gun Works Shooting Supplies and swords
Fort Downing Trading Company Period Clothing
Flying Canoe Traders Period Clothing
Illinois Regiment Documentation on Uniforms
Illinois Regiment
Reproduction Fabrics Source of authentic fabrics
Mother Bedford Patriot Flags of the Revolution
SR-PA Color Guard Flags of the Revolution
Ghost Forge
Men's Clothing & Patterns
1009 S. Elm St.
Crawfordsville, IN 47933
Old Dominion Forge
RR 5 Box 83N
Bloomfield, IN 47424
Panther Primitives
Tents & practically everything else
Download 164 page Catalog
Black Bear Historical Clothing
Pepe's Possibles Leathercrafter
The Quartermaster General
Uniforms & Supplies
Smoke & Fire Co.
Clothing & Period Gear
27 North River Road
Waterville, Ohio 43566
Track of the Wolf Shooting Supplies and Gun Cases & Accestories
Smiling Fox Forge Clothing, Sword Frogs, Period Supplies
Bell & Company Traders Custom Tailored Clothing
Illinois Regiment Documentation on Uniforms
Illinois Regiment
American Revolutionary War Flags of the Revolution
Mother Bedford Patriot Flags of the Revolution
SR-PA Color Guard Flags of the Revolution
Ghost Forge
Men's Clothing & Patterns
1009 S. Elm St.
Crawfordsville, IN 47933
RevList Revolutionary Sutlers Link
Avalon Forge Accoutrements
Najecki Reproductions Revolutionary War Reproductions
Ballindalloch Press Books on Colonial America
Fox River Traders
Fox River Traders
3825 E. Calumet St. Ste 400
Appleton, WI 54915

Raystown Forge Shoes, supplies
Stuart Lilie Saddles, Knapsacks,
Horse Milliner
Weeping Heart Trading Company
Clothing & Supplies
48 Linwood Avenue
Erlanger, KY 41018-1653
Historic Seams Supplies
Historic Seams Clothing Patterns
MinuteMan Armoury Cartridge Boxes - Knapsacks
Scarlet Scarab Supplies & Accoutrements
Clearwater HatHats
Aurora History Boutique Replica Rifles
Northern Rifleman Replica Flintlock Rifles
A2 Armory Replica Rifles
Gun-Sword Stores Replica Flintlocks
Reproduction Flintlocks
Jastro Armory
Reproduction Flintlocks
Guns & Swords
Reproduction Rifles
Guns & Swords
Reproduction Swords
Linda's Early Fashions Men's Clothing
Coghlin & Upton Military Accoutrements
Wm Booth Draper Men's Patterns

Photo Bunker Hill Sword
Bunker Hill Sword
French Model 1733 Pistol
French Model 1733 Pistol
1717 French Musket
1717 French Army Musket
Long Land Brown Bess Musket
First Model Long Land Brown Bess Musket
1750 Kentucky
1750 Pennsylvania
1760 Frontier
1760 Frontier
Brown Bess
1762 Brown Bess
1766 Charleville
1766 Charleville
Revolutionnaire 1777
1777 Revolutionnaire

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