Winter Encampment Luncheon
For Genealogists & Lineage Society Members,
Family & Friends --- November-March
Avon Park Florida

Spending the winter in sunny Florida? Join us for a central Florida Winter Encampment Luncheon during December, January, February, and March. Originally started by the Great Lakes SR Societies in 2008 they were extended to all Genealogists and Lineage Society members for more camaraderie so we can all learn more of what others are researching and about other lineage societies in our Great Lakes Region and with Lineage Society members here in sunny Florida. We know you will have a great time meeting new people and will be having a very nice lunch at one of the finest buffets in central Florida. You no longer have to use "it's a sunny day" as an excuse to go out to lunch. Learn why people would consider oining a lineage society and educate others as to what your chapter or society is doing for activities, what lines you are researching, what software you are using, how they recruit new members, where you are holding meeting, sharing some of your lineage and research tips. Lots of TMG (The Master Genealogists) users. A good time has been had by everyone. We meet rain or shine. We have a lively time taking about our dead ancestors until 11 and then we have lunch.

      All genealogists, computer genealogists, lineage society members in Florida are invited to join with those escaping the cold and snow from the Great Lake States of Illinois, Indiana, Michigan & Wisconsin (friends, guests and prospective members) to get together for friendly lively discussions and a nice lunch. We gather at the Band Stand on East Main Street in downtown Avon Park by 10:00 to greet and met other genealogists, computer users, lineage society members and then at 11:00 we march (across the street) to the Hotel Jacaranda.

      The non-genealogy people and others have been known to sit in the Hotel Jacaranda's Lobby until we arrive from the band stand. If it's too cold in the Band Stand we've been known to gather in the lobby to avoid frost byte!.   Some of our ancestors spent a winter encampment at Valley Forge so as we can enjoy the freedoms they fought for to create this great country we live in with some fellowship at our winter encampments across Florida.

      All Genealogists in Florida (residents and visitors), Computer genealogists and lineage society members are invited.  Dress is always Florida Casual.  Don't belong to a lineage Society but your are into Genealogy or Computer Genealogy come and have luncheon and learn what lineage societies are all about. Everyone in a lineage society has a proven genealogy to an ancestor which is required for them to join that society. Is your lineage acceptable?

      Many of our Genealogists are users of the The Master Genealogist (TMG) and if you are a TMG user (or use any of the other Genealogy software) we would welcome you to come to our social hour beginning at 10 a.m. at the Band Stand and then join us for the Buffet Lunch at the Hotel Jacaranda.

SR-IL President Gradeless presents Illinois Patriot James Hutchinson of Sebring, Florida with a certificate in recognition of his 62 years as a member of the SR-Illinois at the January 8th 2013 Winter Encampment Luncheon which meets the second Tuesday monthly November-March in Avon Park, Florida. Jim was 36 years old when he joined the Sons of the Revolution in the State of Illinois in 1951.

Jim passed away in 2013 and is missed by all. View his obituary.

Gone to rest are Dick Wood 2014, Jim Hutchinson 2013, Dee Jackson 2012.

Questions?   Expect me there!

SR Winter
Started by
gather beginning at 10:00 a.m.
at the Band Stand in
Avon Park, Florida
Lunch at Hotel Jac
at 11:00 a.m.
All lineage members invited,
Genealogists, Family & Friends.

Be sure to wear you Lineage Society Logo Sportswear
to the Winter Encampment Luncheons

Hotel Jacaranda, Avon Park, Florida

Practice Luncheon on November 14th 2017
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Hotel Jacaranda, Avon Park, Florida

Practice Luncheon on November 13th 2018
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Hotel Jacaranda, Avon Park, Florida

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Hotel Jacaranda, Avon Park, Florida

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