Rules of the game, as played at Lakemont Ridge Park in Frostproof Florida

1.       Use 6 decks of cards (with jokers).

2.          Play with partners, w/4 people, 2 against 2, w/6, 3 against 3, etc.

3.          Each player deals two hands of 11 cards each from the decks of cards.

4.          The remainder of the cards are placed in the center in either 2 or 4 piles.

5.          Each player passes both of these hands to the player on their left.

6.          The owner of the cards is the first player.  They rule on questions.

7.          Player may start playing with either of the two hands they received

8.          The remaining hand is called the ‘foot’ and cannot be looked at until the ‘hand’ is finished.

9.          The “foot” must remain in plain sight of all players.

10.      Starting player must pick up two cards (one from each) from any of the piles of cards

11.      Players may pick cards from any pile of cards but only one card from each pile.

12.      Each player's turn begins when they pick up two cards. And ends when they discard one.

13.      Lay downs are minimum of three of a kind (one may be a wild card).  No runs are allowed.

14.      The first player of a partnership must have the minimum points as shown below to lay down.

15.      A player must play their ‘hand’ completely, before they can pick up their 'foot'.

16.      Players are not allowed to look through the discard pile.

17.      Players always have the option to pick up the top 7 discards rather than 2 cards from the piles.

18.      To pick up the top 7 discards, a player must have a pair in hand matching the top card

19.      The top card of the pickup must be played immediately with the pair in the players hand.

20.      A 2 or a 3 as the top discard may not be picked up from the discard pile.

21.      If a player must discard to clear their hand their turn is over.

22.      A players turn is over and they must stop when a card is placed on the discard pile.

23.      A red book (natural) has a maximum of seven cards, with no wild cards.

24.      A black book (unnatural) must contain at least 4 naturals before more wild cards can be added.

25.      A book must have at least 4 naturals before another wild card can be added..

26.      A book of 4 naturals (Red) can be changed to black (unnatural) with a wild card.

27.      A book is completed with 7 cards.  Red and black books can contain more than 7 cards.

28.      To go out, a partnership must have 3 red (naturals) books and 3 black (unnatural) books.

29.      The decks of cards are resorted between deals.

30.      Jokers and 2's are wild cards. 3’s are poison.  Books are made only from 4’s through Ace’s.

31.      Each red book (natural) counts 500 points.

32.      Each black book (unnatural) counts 300 points.

33.      Cards in melds count for the partnership per the table below.

34.      When someone has gone out, red 3’s in your hand count 300 against you. Black 3’s are free and count 0 points.  All other cards in your hand or foot count their point value against you.

35.      Only one player of a partnership needs to clear their hand to go out.

36.      All cards in losing players hands count against the partnerships total score.

37.      The highest score after 4 hands is the winner of the card game.


Meld required to lay down

1st  deal ----    50 points
2nd deal ----    90 points
3rd  deal ---- 120 points
4th  deal ---- 150 points


Value of cards

Jokers ------  50 points
Aces & 2's--  20 points
9 thru King--  10 points
4 thru 8 ------  5 points
 Black 3 ------   0 points 
Red 3 ----   -300 points


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